Negotiation techniques . Part 1

Often, unintentionally at times, one finds self in a sticky situation… you know, incessant argument, no conclusion.

You want your point to be driven across, but the other party wants none of it, and vice verse. Well, what do you suppose can be done? Have around  with you a person who’s not as vocal (a person who’s not directly affected by the consequence of the negotiation would be a good starting point, but he/she must be driven enough). He/she should be given certain premises, and well defined parameters where they could go ahead and suggest a compromise on your side.

So the opposing party would automatically presume the ally to be a friend (especially if the talk gets heated), and you as a foe. It’s an instinctive realization. You keep pressing for the important point . in fact, be arrogant about your point of view, even if you are certain it’s not entirely justified.

Keep at it, till any discussion seems futile. Don’t ever let  the guard down though.

Finally, let the ally suggest the same thing as you have been (abit in a toned down, probably, even scaled down way).

It does work . and you get a long way in.