ISP problems, or ISP policies.

Here in hyderabad, beam telecom is all the rage.

Even I quite liked the speeds they offer, for the price they offer it at. ย One thing I’ll say is that the downtime is more than airtel (compared to the experience in gurgaon).

However, the recent trouble with them (and I could not explain this to the customer care), is that their DNS server had stopped resolving some of the commonly used web servers.

I first noticed the problem when some of my pod casts failed to download after being released for a substantial amount of time.

I dismissed that as some temporary problem.

After a week of repeated failures, I also began to see some of the very popular sites. I could not open (to name a few). So, I decided to investigate.

The problem finding lead me to the cause very quickly. These URLs were not getting resolved (can’t do much with routers with a problem as intrinsic).


So, for the time being, I’ve started using google DNS.

I haven’t considered any downsides, or tried to contact Beam Telecom’s technical department for escalation on this, but I’ll give this a retry after shifting back to my home which is getting some face lift.

Is it so bad if things don’t turn out as expected?

Fortune does favor the brave.

But it is most considerate on fortunate ones. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, life’s like that and every day brings up such a heady mix of circumstances, that one does begin to wonder … yea baby, I’m loving it. If it gives you the impression that I live a lucky life, and probably am killing it at the moment, let me reinstate. I live a very normal (boring for some) life, follow a 9 to 6 work schedule, and work for some one.

That being said, simple things and moments do bring out a smile every once and then.

So, what happened?

Well, if you might have observed, and I might be talking about a significant lot of people here, you’d probably go to a restaurant, and order the same thing every time. You have a favorite, and you stick to it. While it is awesome and I am, by no means questioning your choice, you have cut down (or shall I say excluded) the possibility of anything else impressing you.

I tried to break that circle, and decided to ask for a random thing to be delivered for eating at home. Now it does sometimes (but very rarely) happen, that I order something, but get a wrong person’s stuff delivered. I suppose it would be fairly reasonable to expect the same happens with you. Generally when it does, I return the order, and some mouthful as a bonus to the delivery person, or the person whom I spoke to while placing the order. In the normal circumstances, it gets picked back, and I get my original stuff dropped off, as a courtesy thing.

Don’t we all do this?

Anyways, this time around, since I was ordering random stuff out of the menu, I decided to add this additional randomness add into the equation, and just play with it. I kept the stuff, and decided to try it out. (Random randomness, right).

Guess what . I have a new favorite . ๐Ÿ™‚ , and I wonder how I ever lived without it.

But the thing to be drawn here is that every once in a while, I’m going to switch to my “wanderer hat“, and decide to try new things out. I would never know what I had been missing.

Microsoft WPF and dizzying speed of development.

First up, a confession. I was never a big fan of Microsoft Technologies, but now, I think I’m in love with the WPF platform.

People who have newly started to make foray in the world of User Interface development, WPF will make every task seem trivial. It seems to provide hooks at all imaginable places, and also it throws in commonly used design patterns that make a developer’s life easy. She can really focus on the problem at hand.

For products where time to market is critical, WPF does seem like a boon. At times I wish if there were such a flexible tool in linux. Lot’s of (linux) developers/designers might be interested if such a tool did exist across platforms.

Nokia … listening?

Make firefox render smoother fonts.

Very recently, I was disturbed. Coolantz homepage would render with jagged fonts, especially when their size was scaled up. They really looked horrible. I was using firefox to view the page, and since I use it as my default browser, I had a problem on hand.

Accidentally, I decided to open it with IE, one day, and behold … the font rendering was much smoother. Now I had to investigate. So I decided to google.

I chanced to hit upon a Microsoft gem, called cleartype.

ClearType is the Microsoft implementation of subpixel rendering technology, aiming to improve the appearance of text on certain types of computer display screens, especially LCD flat-panel monitors.

How to enable clear type on Windows XP.

1.Click on your display (in an empty area), and right click. Go to properties on the context menu.

2.Click on appearance tab, and click effects button.

3. Check on the second option, (reading use the following method to smooth edges of screen fonts).

4.Select ClearType from the corresponding drop down. Hit Apply.

1000 words worth thingy

how to do it

The plus side of doing it is that it also enables smooth font rendering on all the Win32 windows.