Since when?

It seems we have become so hooked up to worldly charms, that at times when I look at my and my peers life I feel a little taken aback.

We have become such big time consumers, that the joy of been producing(creating) something has been lost. No body cares much about it these days anyways.

Where is the creativity…..

We all strive for those big moments and special occasions,

we forget the simple pleasures like playing crazy in the mud, and flying kites and playing marbles.

Where is the leisure……

We judge people right from the onset, how one talks and how one walks,

Where has the hanging out with someone, irrespective of the differences.

Is innocence dead……


We are so defined been selling liners that we have tuned our lives to follow them like the rats followed a certain Mr. Pied Piper.

  • Since when did friday become a reason to thank God?
  • Since when did retail become equal to therapy?
  • Since when did the phone become a fashion statement?
  • Since when did the car become man who’s made a comeback?
  • Since when did having fun become equivalent to being frivolous in spending?
  • Are diamonds really a girl’s best friends?
  • Must the kids have a PSx, and a xbox in order to be in the game?
  • Since when did the moment on Karaoke culture become so cool?
  • A gift for someone you love, is chocolate/jewellery/electronics  now, not time ….


I admit to being guilty on many of these accounts, and more such as,

Having more movies than I can watch, and more music than I can possibly listen to.

Being spoilt for choices on what I can eat, and end up eating trash.

Being entertained all the time, with computer, internet, and mobile phones. There’s lesser of moments when I am with myself.



I don’t like where this is going, but it felt real good to blow this off.

writing can be fun too! 🙂