(Human) Nature?

What is Religion ?  How did beliefs come into existence?

We talk in utmost disdain at the mention of how the education system does not give to students what is currently relevant, but I speak of something more fundamental. A proper discourse should be provided to kids on how religious beliefs come from, in addition to merely enlisting the various religions.

There is a distinct reason why I do not take to the popular religious preachers. They so boldly condemn other people beliefs, and classify them as prudish, unsophisticated and raw in terms of what their religion stacks up to others. But for what good? Do we even look at our own practices with such a keen introspection. Do they even consider the importance of that religion at the time of it’s inception. Do they care to understand the whys, as opposed to the whats?

I believe, like educational system, religion also should evolve with time. Every single practice might not be applicable in every single era, or area. I mean, bearing the popular, “do no evil”, the customs and traditions prescribed by the religious preachers are to be taken as a guideline, agreed, but you cannot possibly adhere to them like a mindless herd of cattle.


Historically speaking, religion was a set of guidelines to unify masses with a common goal.

Imagine the state where there are lot’s of people, loads of energy, but no synergy. That’s like a cocktail party, right? People will talk, but I doubt there would be listeners. That would be such a terrible waste. The so called “drafters” of such guidelines must have thoroughly envisioned what causes interpersonal discomfort and where the lines need to be drawn so as to co-exist in harmony.

I think Religion was a means of bringing people to a common plane. Different demographies, different conditions, different problems dictated distinct means.

Design changes with time. New situations demand something different.

Despite the careful insight, times come when one has to shun certain practices, conjure up newer rules to adapt to the change in situations. These newer “requirements” might require change of rules in a way that might contradict the very basic belief your particular religious visionaries harboured.

I say, be practical, and understand why it might have advocated. Do whatever you deem the best. In the end, you, as a Human Being are the best judges.


There are more than one ways of doing things.

I’ve come across so many people who claim to know it all. But show them a different way of doing things, and they become really uncomfortable, and quip “only one way is right, my way”. They become hostile to the other practice, and they themselves become uncomfortable.

It’s such a basic, instinctive, natural problem. We as humans tend to hang out with people who are alike. Caste system, purists and fundamentalists are all the manifestations of the same old human nature.Or I even dare say “Animal Kingdom”.


It might be of interest to take a look objectively at other people’s practices and beliefs.You might have had many a “Eurekas” and ways to deal with problems, you feel people in general face. Good for you. Remember, others might be too, and in an altogether different way.

Appreciate humanity, Appreciate intelligence. Be inspired. Appreciate stupidity, Appreciate diversity. Don’t impose.

It was made to unite people, and not create war camps.

Disclaimer : I do not consider myself qualified enough to argue about any of the practices /beliefs, but these are my beliefs, and by no means any guidelines.