Dark Knight Rises. First impressions

It’s been rather difficult to watch movies off late. The non availability of tickets at the last minute kind of derails any sort of enthusiasm that might otherwise be associated withย  a particular release. I have had to forgo so many, that now watching a movie at a cinema has become too much of a chore.

Dark night rises .

The ticket presented itself without me having to put any effort whatsoever. Thanks to my office work group for that initiative. We got first day first show tickets.

The day was a cloudy one, and it might seem to be a bad day for getting up early in the morning and going to work, but never i had seen such an amazing turnout. The folks assembled at the office by 9:30 AM, and some decided to come directly to the cinema. But the turnout was nothing short of impressive. Even the latecomers and otherwise lazy ones stood right outside the line and spot on time.

I mean who would miss a chance to see such a highly anticipated movie . Add to it the fact, that it’s been pre-booked like crazy. I doubt if I could get any of the bookings done even now if I wanted to. August might seem my best shot!

So we all reached well in time. I’m sure everyone had expectations. The previous version was such an atom bomb.

***Disclaimer / Spoiler alert***

The opening scene shows a scientist from a plane being kidnapped mid air and what a shot it was. It also is where Bane makes the grand entry. Just the way Joker did in Dark Night. Shows how much on edge the character is.

The movie starts by building up from where the previous one had left. Harvey Dent is the projected Hero and Batman the convicted murderer on the run. Bruce Wayne becomes the recluse who has no other motto in life but to eat, breathe and just exist. He’s also with a broken leg which was as a result of shot he got in the ending scenes of the last movie, when Batman runs away, after supposedly killing Harvey Dent.

Enter Anne Hathaway ! The small time cat burglar in movie, and at the point when she messes up with the high end lock in Wayne’s mansion, right in front of Mr. Bruce Wayne, and immediately he seems interested. She’s seems slick indeed.

Also, meanwhile a rather powerful competing business tycoon tries to acquire the Wayne Enterprises by stealing Bruce Wayne’s fingerprints. A ploy that does seem to work, but Bane becomes too powerful and breaks free from being a paid pawn to the controlling king.

Eventually, Bane and Bruce Wayne do meet, and that’sย  when it strikes you as to how powerful that “product of hell” really is.

Joker did bring with him a certain humor element, dark as it was. Bane brings fear to the party. The actor is mostly expression less, and has a rather intimidating form, where the mere the mere presence says a lot. The manner with which he speaks is very authoritative at all the times. He regards no one as his superior.

Then there is Ra’s Al Gul’s child twist to it. And how Bruce Wayne gets to hear that story when he was left to suffer in the very same pit from which Bane had risen. Overall lot of things happen in the movie. Enough to keep you interested till the very end.

While it is not possible to prevent people from comparing it with Dark Knight, I’d say that comparison is not just. Dark Knight had that impeccable performance by Heath Ledger and I seriously doubt if anyone can rise up to play a more convincing Joker.

Go watch this movie, and do not run those comparisons with Dark Knight. It’s pretty good.

Of movies based on books.

Almost all the movies I have seen which have read a book associated with them seem like a pale shadow of the content in the book. I always try to find an exception to this rule, and get drawn into watching yet another movie, hoping that this one time, I’ll be surprised pleasantly, and I can finally toss out the half baked theory out of the window.

Also, it doesn’t have to do with the order in which I do it. I mean, if I read a book after watching a movie, it still seems like a mere gist of what the book is.

I first read the book Godfather, and then watched the popular flick. It felt bland, mostly.

It is not even based on the genre of the movie, be it Sci Fi, thriller, or pure fantasy, the book always surpasses the flick.

The Lost world, as a movie seemed to have no fizz. After I read the book however, it’s one of my favorites.

I feel a book houses so much detail around every scene, and you’re forced to take notice of each and every bit of the detail is why a book leaves you with a more richer, fulller experience.With a movie, you can choose to ignore a part of the picture, by not looking at it. Doesn’t quite work like that in books. But that’s just one theory.

Classic example : The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy. Book – Legendary. Movie – Avoidable.

Another reason, I’ve heard people come up with is, that while reading, you excercise your own imagination in conjunction with that of the author’s. This exercise gets you much more involved, as opposed to watching a movie, where just your visual and aural senses get the upper hand in being active.

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings? I could not watch the movies, because the books left me high. Everything else seemed dry.

Also, somehow I feel, that a book just cannot be captured in a 90 min. video. It’s too less a time frame. When you read a book, it sinks in, and then you move forward. With a movie however, it moves forward, regardless of weather you miss a dialogue, or part of a happening scene.


I suppose a very solid founding theory could be, that reading is a more immersive experience because one tends to use the brain a lot more (imagining), the plot moves at a pace which the reader can alter (sinks in), and the content is serialized so not much of it is lost.

Doesn’t work like that with comics though. I quite enjoy the movies that are derived off comic strips. In fact they even, at times surpass the original source. The batman movies for example. Batman Begins, and the dark knight. There the director has managed to add quite a bit of color to the otherwise mundane and monochrome type of a comic strip.

Maybe it’s because of the character that has been thrown in by the director of the series. I do not enjoy batman comics much anyways.

Maybe it’s to suggest that Human brain is not a natural multi tasker .

Also, this does suggest that writing is a powerful medium, no matter how much technology and innovation continue to wrestle it.

Then, there are those who do not wish to read …. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ready – not a review.

*Big fat disclaimer : This post just speaks about the movie “ready”, and by no means should be considered as a finger pointed at Salman Khan. As far as I’m concerned, I consider myself as a fan, and he’s a great man. I loved dabaang, and many others.

Read the bold points and get a picture.

Then read the details.

Did mommy not tell you to read between the lines! ๐Ÿ™‚


My 2 cents on the Salman starrer “ready”.


Remarkable effort

Salman Khan had taken onto himself the grand task of making a movie which is more commendable than Farha Khan’s teesmarkhan, and by the looks of it, he sure seems ready for it. He’s served up an ace that probably will not be surpassed, I’m sure till the time I breathe and kick.


Intellectually high

I would have loved to put up a review up here, but the story seemed too complex for me to grasp with my limited intelligence. Maybe, I should see a ‘Telugu dubbed version’.


Love for Sallu, and mankind

I would take this opportunity to reach out to all the eligible girls. One of you, please go marry him and keep him real busy. Or he might start working on a sequel to Ready. Now I’m sure that kind of effort (getting into the skin of character, and the mental research), might severely hurt our dearest Sallu (and the mankind).


Inspiring Movie

I was inspired to do things. I never thought I could multi task. Now I know I can.

Things to do while watching Ready :

  • Write a blog post.
  • Do your taxes.
  • Run around in the hall, and lose some weight.
  • Watch Teesmarkhan on your hand held ๐Ÿ˜€



The jokes in the movie sort of reminded me of my college days. The days of the double meanings, arbit bakar and grand claims. I’m sure college kids would feel right at home, and say “we see all this every day in our canteen. Why pay money to watch it all over”


Complete Package – bole to paisa vasool

This movie has it all. Tragedy, Emotion, Drama. Only problem is you never realise when are they dished out. I mean it was so difficult to suppress a smile, when the baddie kids knock down their grampa, and the Emotional sons knock down their sons. It was meant to be choking moment. Why was I laughing? Because it was “the end”