My two hot flatmates.

Friends back at home have repeatedly wanted to see pictures of my guitar.Here they are (yes folks, I have two) , and aren’t they hot ? Presenting for the very first time……..


The small handy guitar I use to catch newer tunes


This is the first guitar I’ve ever played on. It’s a cut shaped concert guitar. Even now, many a songs I cannot play on my other guitar come easily to me on this. Babe’s a gift from a friend of mine from college.

The guitar with the deep sound.


Pluto is the guitar I fell in love with despite the fact that there were Yamahas and Fenders around it at the music shop. After playing all those guitars, somehow the sound of this hottie appealed to me the most, and I got her home 😉




Don’t they co-exist in such nice harmony. If only life were like that!

Warning : This post shall not be held responsible if your monitor screen burns out due to the sheer hotness. You have been warned!!

Peace out.

Where is the love?

This is not about the black eyed peas song.

It was the topic of a seminar by TT Rangarajan of Alma Mater I attended yesterday.

It’s not about that either.

I had this amazing realization today. While eating, yea, while eating, and with some people having rave takes about the seminar we attended yestarday. The very capable orator had emphasised a lot about the importance of physical touch in a relationship between two people, be it friends, husband and wife, parents and kids…..

So, there came a classic citation of how have things differed at now, having friends at a proffessional ground, as opposed to having friends in college, or better yet, a hostel.

Now, when we talk, we sit at a certain distance and talk of very restrictive topics. Being cordial, they call it.

Snap back in time, in hostel, as friends we would talk about random things with friends. We would also be just huddled over on each other, and since that is an example of physical touch, it manifests to how much more in love we were and we are.

Is it?

Really, think of it. I was pointed to by a friend of mine, that’s the closest friends have been those with whom you’ve been the most foul mouthed with. I was initially very surprised by that observation. But a quick reintrospection, and I realised the weight of his words.

Foul mouthed, as in speaking with lots of swearing, and a whole lot of cuss words.

Not in anger or retaliation, but foul mouthed, during the course of a regular conversation.

It might be?

I’m at a most comfortable zone (not exclusively though) with people, who I have spoken in that filthy, rowdy and “unfit for civil people” type of language. Where often at times more imagination and creativity was used decorate the phrases and sentences, than the context of those phrases and sentences. It still feels great to have a go at them, and them getting on to me.

The happiest of couples I’ve known and seen talk like that to each other (mind you , I’m not refering to any bedroom activities here).

My birthday buddies from college are known to be epitomes of what one does not describe as “homely, refined and cultured”.

Another group of friends would “talk the talk”, once a little high and tipsy, in an edearing and non threatening way.

Interns who break the barrier by getting out the college lingo.

Many stand up comedians use it as a de-facto technique to roll in the cheers.

Writers, do it all the time for humor, anger, revolt , just to establish that connection with the reader.

How does being cordially foul mouthed put others in a comfort zone?

Does it even make sense?

It doesn’t, and I by no means am advocating going on and trying it on to your friend or spouse. Do not try this at home. You have been warned!

In fact when I think about it, guys together would do the talk with quite a flamboyance, as though the talk had merits associated with it. I’m not so sure of how it hapenned in girls hostel though. My imagination takes a downfall at “Kutti, Kamini … main tera khoon pee jaaoongi” . I have a certain Ekta Kapoor to blame for this mental limitation.

But I’m sure even females from a hostel would have their version of the dirty talk.

Is it me, or is it us?

If you’ve read it so far, and have been pally with certain someone from college / hostel days, I’m going to urge you to take a thought dip, and try to recollect the last interesting conversation with that someone.

Now would be a very good time to call up that someone and say “B#$%^&*”, and Kamini…. 🙂

It does apply to me, but do you feel the same way ?

Why does my heart feel this way?

“We are from Lucknow”

“Home is where the heart is”

“Apun to Mumbai ko belong karta hain. Baaki sab bakwaas”

People usually have a tendency to associate themselves with the places they’ve been born/brought up in. Then there are those who hate the places they so intimately know.

Like it, or loath it, you are identified by it. It’s where you belong.

Very recently, I made some time out to my home, in Gurgaon. It was a very nice trip, and I got to meet a whole bunch of friends out there. I also got a chance to see my newly born nephew. Speaking food wise, it was a grand success. This was a “reset self” trip of  sorts.


I got back, from vacation last night and was mesmerized by the weather here. It was really cool. Yes the people were nice, and the feeling was of well being.

I felt dark though. I cringed when I heard people calling up with opening lines like

Honey, I’m home.

Buddy I’m here, where are you parked?

Ram Singh!#$% …. I had told you to reach airport by so and so time. Where the hell are you?

I had no one to “call and report” my status to. No driver to scold, for not reaching on time.

All I had was this feeling of vulnerability, stark nakedness and helplessness there.


Quite contrasting from how I felt when I arrived at home. It was bright, sunny, and very uncomfortable. However, the overall feeling was nothing short of awesome. There were people who called in to check wether I had reached, safe and on time, wether I needed to be picked up, wether I need to eat some extra special breakfast, on when am I planning to visit them. The drive to thier places seemed to take ages.


Back on arrival to Hyderabad, I hopped on to an AeroExpress, and reached home in no time at all. Then I dished some food from the fridge, microwaved it, and ate it. Alone.

A reunion, after more than five years – part 2.

Continuation from trip to bangalore.

It was raining cats and dogs. All of us somehow managed to scamper inside the peltering rain. After what seemed like a phenomenal work out, we settled into a small but comfortable dining table. So people needed drinks, and coolant needed food. We ordered stuff, and Jack Daniels tower and chicken sampler.

It was then that the mood was made (thanks to good weather and nice grub). Plans (as to what needs to be done later) were flying around. First we decided to swim, and then to go for a drive to some place called nice highway. Eventually, we decided to go to Mr. SS’s home and try out his “much talked about” cocktails. I was sure they’d be awesome, cause he has cooked for me when we were in college, and I was the brat. He was quite handy with horlics and tea, so we were shooting for his forte : “drinks”

Some shopping and after rounding up other people, we head up straight to Mr. SS’s house.

His house is beautiful.

Very nicely furnished, just as I would like to. I felt right at home. Nice and comfortable. He showed us around and he showed me his balcony that overlooked a graveyard. “Very interesting”, I thought, and soaked in the cool breeze that was due to heavy rain’s after effects.

I noticed an imported grill (the very expensive variety) lying around in the balcony. Now the thing about Salujas is that they love their grills, and no doubt, I was thinking in terms of cooking up some snacks while Mr. SS would whip out his cocktail magic.

This was the plan, decided by the moment.

We did our bits and pretty soon, had chicken, fish and paneer(cottage cheese) tit bits going. With nice drinks and grub in the house, the spirits soared really high.There were some old videos (ladiez sangeet), and nice old college photos that got us all so nostalgic and amused that for a moment, we felt (at least I did) we were back in college. Whoa. That video is worth some money now. For those who are witness to it, you know what kind of emotions it can evoke.

The talented people (we had a drummer, and a guitarist in the house) got to doing their bits, and they did  their bits, told some silly stories. It was SMIT, after five long years and it was unfurling right before my eyes. Mr. PS, and UR jammed, and I decided to lend my vocals.

I must have gotten a little misty eyed.

Here’s a video people, a glimpse of how it was. First video job by me, listen to it with decent headphones, and not in office, please 🙂



All’s well that ends well ! There were a few hiccups too, specifically the misunderstanding wih Mr. AD. Just wanted to catch up, buddy. Rest was all loud mouth, you know how I am 🙂

Mrs. AG : Next time provide us the pleasure of your own, and Mr. AG’s company.

For the ones who’d know what I’m talking about here : Yes, we(some lucky ones) did get to see the famous wave, by Mr. NS. Trip totally worth it. Enough said!

Bringing on the good times.

Ever since I’ve moved into Malaysian Township, I’ve always wanted to fire up my kitchen and cook me a meal. Overcoming many a hurdles, like procuring a gas stove, obtaining a gas cylinder, I made it to the point where I could manage to make some snacks, breakfast and other absolutely essential things in the first week itself. But never had I cooked a meal. The reason ? Cooking alone is such a drab. Also, to make a meal, one requires small quantities of lots of things. I decided to play “the lazy bum”.

Then came the long weekend. The three day weekend, due to the south Indian new year. The one in which I decided I’ll stay at home and set it up, have the things ready to have my kitchen humming (or I could have gone to Bangalore). By the end of the day two, I had done most of that, and day three seemed like a perfect day to start cooking the meals.

There was an interesting set of developments though during that weekend.

  1. India managed to win the world cup on day one. (Yo… )
  2. My cousin had given birth to a perfectly healthy, and a very cute looking baby boy (Yipee… ) on day two.
  3. Day three was Ugaadi. It’s like a new year in South India.

By the end of day two, I was feeling so upbeat, that I decided that instead of having the kitchen off to a elegant but tame kick off, I’ll have it roar and start with a blast ! I decided to launch it open with a house-warming party which I had been planning around here and there. I invited some friends over.

In the morning, I noticed my in box had been buzzing with activity, and I was expecting a guest count of 10 people. Now the situation was such that I have never cooked for so many people. Also my last cooking adventure was a fiasco, and people wouldn’t touch my creation with a 10 ft. stick, because they feared it might electrocute them. So feeling a bit out of sorts, I decided to face my fears and do it. I could have ordered, but I promised these people I’d cook for them.

And I bit the bullet.

My plan to  the day was that I’d get the house thoroughly cleaned up by the maid, in the morning, after which I’ll get stuff to use, eat and decorate. Well, that day being new year, the maid conveniently decided to take it off (I was not even informed).

Never mind, I thought to myself. It is a big festival. To have the show go on, I decided to do the cleaning myself. Never mind the increase in effort here. There was the point when I realised that water taps had also decided to take a break. When I called the Facilities, I was told that there was some repair work going on near my block. (I was the marked man for the day 😉 ). With no definite time frame to have this work finished, my cleaning plans were thrown off track. I had to improvise, so I used packaged water to mop, and clean my toilets. Talk about vanity !!

After doing all that, I decided to focus on the main task at hand. I had to cook. I had decided to make “butter chicken” (A nice, spicy, rich indian gravy), for those eating non vegetarian, and “Kadhai paneer” (Cottage cheese in capsicum and onion mix) for people who were vegetarians. The ratio of non veg people to veg people got skewed big time to favour vegetarians as the new year was accompanied by some days called “Navratris” (Days of abstinence, Hindu version 🙂 ) .

I went out to get the raw materials. When I got back, I realised I was running late by an hour. Thankfully, to one of the guests, I had specifically told to be on time. I knew for certain the others would be running late, so I wasn’t really panicking. So this person, Mr. R.A shows up bang on time, and I explain to him the state of my current affairs. He was great and kind hearted, and he offered to make some “dal” (pulses), which I had decided that I’ll order. He started, and I must admit, hosting a party is always so much better with a co-host (sigh!).

Cruise mode on

With the presence of a friend (and he knew how to cook!). The things began to happen, thick and fast. We whipped out the gravy for the chicken, and I started to progress towards making the cheese dish, Pretty soon we were from tomatoes and onions to nice smelling puree. Also, exactly then other people decided to show up.

I suddenly remembered there was no booze in the house. Since I don’t drink, collect, etc. I’ve once used Vodka to effective use as a cleaning solution :). (Yeah, I clean toilets with packaged water, so this should not come as any surprise !!!) I asked this other friend, MR. RK and Mr. AA to fetch some things and whatever booze for me. They also obliged (I’m so thankful to both of them). Soon we had everything rounded up, and the music playing loud and nice. The atmosphere kept getting better, and we all chatted up nice and easy. These people belong to the same college as me, so we had that bit of common ground.

House full of engineers ! yay!


  • My nicely laid out table and make shift coffee table were left unperturbed. The conversation was so engrossing that people did not bother getting up to eat. In the end, I decided to serve them on the floor itself.

    Table laid out, before and after

    Dining table.

  • When the food was eventually dished out and sampled by the connoisseurs :), I got a major thumbs up! So much so, that I affected one of the vegetarian guy to try it out. I’m not going to let the name out here, because we signed a Non Disclosure Agreement. My lips are sealed. Another emphatic embracer of Navratri routine decided to chuck the concept and he went at the chicken big time. :). I think I’ll put the picture of what was there on the serving dishes. It’ll give a better idea.
    Butter chicken

    Saluja ka dhabba - Butter chicken

    Kadhai Paneer - Saluja ka dhabba

  • The dal was made with a technique which I was not aware of till now. Now I am. It was good. End result : that was polished off too! Finally, the ice cream brought over by yet another of the kind hearted guest (Mr. TP), was consumed with as much vigour as one can exhibit.
  • In the end I think, the party went off quite well. We bonded, had a good time, and left happy.

    The king of Good times


I had a good time. The house might be nice and ornate otherwise, but with friends and people, it really comes alive. Here’s hoping we have many such events in the coming future. Cheers



Yaaraan da tashan – part 2

For those who haven’t read Yaaraan da tashan – part I’ve reached Gurgaon earlier than expected, thanks to my lucky day.

New Delhi 23’rd March.

Fresh Morning!

I got up early. Early enough to catch mom before she left for school. I wanted to have breakfast with parents. She asked me about my plans for the day, and she said “Do you seriously think you’ll do that, all of those items in your todo list?”. Also, between our various general talks she would come up with “Why bother driving all the way to Hyderabad. Let’s just contact some packers and movers? I’ll foot the expenses. You stay nice at home for some days“, “should I take a day off ? I could help you with your task list“. I wish I hadn’t gone to Delhi right in the middle of week. OK, I had taken off, but people at home were generally busy. She longed to be with me.

Usually, my dad would have been up at the same time, and been up to some exercise and yoga, but I suppose he decided to sleep till late. I get a call from him, and in a sleepy voice he tells “Usually, it’s your sister‘s duty. Today, since you are here, you go drop off mom to school“. I was like sure, no problems. My mom said “Why don’t you play some music in your music system. We find it too difficult to use, so we only watch TV“. This was the cue I was so desperately waiting for. I had recently discovered some awesome songs, and promptly fired up leopard. Leopard is tiger‘s replacement. Tiger is the name of my media centre machine. Generally, the music I find is also well appreciated by my folks. This time was no different, and they quite enjoyed the morning blast. Later, when I drove mom to school, and was talking about things in general, she said “When your sister drives me off to school, she’s usually half asleep, and just stares at the road. Never talks“.

So, after I got back from mom’s school, I was just roaming around the house. Shops and places were not open as yet, for me to go head on with my todo list. I spoke to some people who were up. Mr. SR, Mr. SD joked around in the morning.  SD would be meeting me for a bit in the evening. SR stays at an end of NCR diametrically opposite of where I do. We made some tentative plans to meet in the evening in some central location. If he and I could find time. Damn the middle of the week? what joy?

The birds do chirp here and the flowers bloom!!

Hectic day

Well, after lounging around for a while, I got dressed, and first stop was to be at RTO office, Haryana. I went in, and was stumped to see that government officials had decided to take an off that day, and office was deserted, and there was this group of Haryanvi kids, cursing around, for they would need to wait another day to get their license. I joined them and mouthed out some profanities :). This is the raw, uncivilised and extremely passionate group. This was like a time freeze moment for me. Never gonna see this in Hyderabad :).

Any ways, I had to do what I had to do. Paid of an agent to get my paper work done, gave impression of my car chassis number, and other documents he wanted. He was gracious enough to have it sent to me, once my NOC is done. When he asked me what’ll I do till then, I told him “Drive my car telling I’m a tourist“. I left for other work. Time it took me to get this done, and negotiating a decent rate – 2 hours.

After doing this NOC thing, I decided to blast my stereo, to see if the speakers sound good. Although my sister said that the music system is the best, I had to check it off myself. There was a problem. Just what I was afraid of. The left channel to my amp was sounding like a damp squib. Crap. Utter crap! I took it to one of those big show rooms, and I was squarely told, that some capacitor had been damaged, repair or the guy suggested “saaar buy a new amp“. I knew the stuff, so I was aware I was being bullshitted to. Yep, I was back in Delhi! He took one hour, inspecting and fiddling with various knobs and wires, and I had a lunch with team people from Nagarro. I was famished too, so I called them up, and told them “Guys I’m coming over. Be ready

I reached my old workplace, in decent time, and it was interesting. The guard bhai just smiled at me, and let me in without asking for an ID. I told him that I’m an outsider, and hung out with him for a while till the people came down. Mr. RJ and Mr. PY were sitting at their usual place outside the office ….. Pappu bhaiya’s dhaba. Meeting them was so exciting. Mr. T and Miss PAGS walked out as though there was enough time in the world to even sleep and go. I booed them from behind and got some spring in the step. Mr. AA was going to join us in Mainland china itself. Just one person missing, I asked T where the hell Mr. X is ? I called him and off we went to Mainland China.

Lunch and mocktails later, I parted ways with Nagarro folks. They left, I stayed back, cause I had to meet with a couple of people form ARSD. Mr. S called me, and immediately came to where I was. We sat and chatted inside a cafe near Mainland China.  Mr. RT was supposed to join, and he messaged multiple times about how he was stuck in a meeting and will be out in just 5 mins :). Dude, we did not meet, but it’s the thought that counts, and I appreciate that you cared to at least plan to join. Mr. AM said he’ll catch up at dinner time!

So it was close to 5PM in the evening, and I had stuck of 3 things off my list, but had gotten aware of the fact that Dhanno was croaking, and I had to drive here for some time non stop. She’d cry. I suddenly thought of this place where the scale was smaller, but people were talented, and competition was cut throat. I had him look at my audio gear. First he was awed. He said “yeh kahan se liya hai?” I told him. I explained and showed him the problem. He immediately cross connected my good speaker to all the channels of my amp, to determine that my amp is fine, and fixed one speaker up after some sand papering and interesting tape work. Now we were talking engineer to engineer. So I was 3 speakers up now, and with just front left not working. This took time of an hour, and I started to get edgy. I called Mr. SD and told him I’d be running a bit late. He said he was running a bit late, so it was OK.

Now I took off my check list, and cut off visiting the optician in Delhi. You think I had time? Consequently, meeting SR was out as well.

So we had a problem with one of my 6inch non component giving out just out of fatigue I guess. The guy at the shop said he could not give me some thing equal to bull audio, but gave me some cheap Sony explod, and promised he’d tune them to make them sound good. He was already in my good books, so I told him to do it, and do it in half an hour. And boy did he. He came through, got another fella, both of them doing different things in my car. After a while they gave me an audition. Not the same stamina as Bull, but they had more jingle, and they were composite with tweeters on them. So now, my car has effectively 8 speakers, haha.

Relaxing Evening

SD called and said he’s on way. I was too, so we met on way, and drove back to my place. He was riding the most majestic punto (belongs to Mr. CS, who was at the time, in bangkok). It had the bass tube that could make the seats move! literally. I got home at about 7PM, with most things on my list checked off, and just partying with friends remaining. So I told my parents, just chill sit and talk with me friends will come over, and we’ll order food.

There were some things that were left undone, but hey, I’m no Oriya!

Friends who visited

  • Mr. AMTG (Buddy you are, as your name says)
  • Mr. KSC(Fun, Fun, and more fun. Keep smiling)
  • Mrs. RSC(I think you are family!)
  • Mr. SD(Man I never knew, you had so many facets. Next when we meet, we won’t drink but yap the brains out!)
  • Mr. X(You’re passionate, but you surprise me at times with the detachment you exhibhit)
  • Miss DC(Will See you, see you on the other side :). The world’s maddening. Just hang around )
  • Mr. Simba (for first time out, ever. Kisses)
  • Others : Mr.  SR, Mr. RT, Miss RM, Mr. GaGa did send best wishes. Luv  you guys. this is what maters

My day transformed from Fresh morning to hectic  afternoon to relaxing evening! The friends did turn up. In the middle of week. After work. Ain’t I lucky!!!

Isn’t it ironic. Don’t you think?

I’m running through a set of emotions that seem contradictory. Yet, I can safely assert that I feel each one of them. Here, in hyderabad (or should we say Malaysian Township), holi had come a day earlier. I had a good time, and went out for a bit.

Now, its late evening, and as I was about to eat, I saw a friend’s (Yes, we had built a badminton court with bare hands) recently put up photos on face book. It was electrifying to see, because he’s my next to next door neighbour, so the faces on those pictures were familiar, H block DLF City, really upped the tempo this time, there was a Dhol walla, and lot’s of people I do not know as well. The feeling also left me feeling hollow, as I’ve played Holi with those people, for as many years as my memories take me to.

Amongst the other photos was also one, which somewhat stood out as far as I am concerned. He had clicked a photo inside my home. My dad was in the frame, though I wonder where mom was? I swear, the hair on the arms stood up. Goosebumps 🙂 . Later that photo made me cringe :(. I miss H block. I miss parents, I miss home, I miss relatives, I miss friends.

Holi is a real pleasure, when it’s celebrated with family and friends. To all my friends (at home or away), A very happy holi to you.

And the real kicker is, when I was with them/at home, I took it all for granted. Now that I can’t have them, I appreciate their value.

Miss you seriously.

Shipping problem solved.

Imagine this:

Seller is willing to sell, consumer is more than happy to pay. Still, it’s a no deal. Loses for both, and why ? Because geographically speaking, the two endpoints are really far away.

People come up with wacky/intuitive ideas to offer the logistics for the problem, but it still exists, and raises its ugly head time and again. Like, often I want something, that’s available in the US, so I ask a friend of mine to carry it back to India when they plan to come.

Yesterday, my sister ordered some clothes to be shipped in a similar arrangement.

I had my dinner shipped.

I had a good dinner yesterday, because I asked my friend to pack it along and bring it over. From Lucknow. For those unfamiliar, Lucknow is like a Mughal food (Kebabs, Biryani, etc.) paradise. In fact, it adds a special taste to such dishes, which is not available elsewhere. So kebabs from that city won’t be like the typical kebabs available in delhi, gurgaon. Biryani would also be different.

I had once gotten a chance to eat all this because I was there for a wedding, and needless to say, I was hooked. So I had craved for all these delicacies, for some time now, when my friend RC declared (all out of nowhere), that he intends to make a quick weekend trip to Lucknow.

I asked him to get some kebabs back for me. He agreed.

He is the one to go one step beyond, in most of the things he seriously tries.

So, yesterday, when I got a call from him, I was hoping to get some frozen/half done kebabs from Lucknow.

But I got an entire spread. No kidding. There were kebabs, Biryani, some thing called “Sheermal”, and curd to go along with the biryani.

The glutton in me took charge, and I gobbled up all those dishes, at a tremendous rate. So much so, that I thought I’ll hurt my stomach by the end of it. 🙂 But I didn’t. All is well.

Thank you RC. you made my day.

GSK ….. hats off !

Pretty cryptic, the headline, you’d say. This is a true story of something that is pretty much happening as we breathe. As people know my job and working style, they would probably certify me as a “laid back” and “chilled out” in terms of the work. Not to say that I am non enthusiastic or lazy.(You should see me when the script demands me to be proactive 😉

But this post is not about me, so I continue….

The bunch of people I hang out with,  not all of them treat the job  the manner in which I do. Or let me be more apt, not every one’s job treats them in the same way mine treats me. Yeah that sounded more better. There is this one person, who always seems to be in thick of action. Working late(I mean, really late), working on weekends, working on national holidays (when most of others would be cooling off their heels).  He would probably attribute it to a difficult boss, tough work profile , and so on.

Meet him once, and he doesn’t seem to be one of the “always obsessed with work type of people”. In fact he’d give you the impression that he’s still into studying .. you know the typical , care free attitude. He doesn’t mind venturing out to most of my crazy, off the top outing plans, but he does seem to be lazy, at certain times. He is lazy and kind of bugs me that I want to give him a hard whack and knock some sense of well being into him.

I mean this guy’s place, is a sample. His existence … is entirely on islands of things, while the rest of his house might seem a bit too spartan. For example, there’s a couch which extends to be a double bed, despite having multiple rooms at his place.  His bed would have most of the things one could wish for … a laptop, all the remotes for the gadgets, ipod, phone, munchies, glasses, booze, newspaper, books,knives (trust me I’ve seen two, a swiss army types, and a cheap imitation of victorinox), DVDs, takeaway menus, his “work laptop”, some sample of things from his work. wow. People live off a suitcase , I say this bloke lives out of a bed

Likewise, his dining table, is crammed with comics, old notebooks, boxes (not of anything edible), and old containers.

Any ways, whenever I told to be a little more organized, he’d shush shush me…  and say, “I will , eventually, when I get married”

<time zap>

So dude,  day after tomorrow is the day. It’s your wedding, and the reason I’m  still zapped, is probably the speed with which you have managed to do everything … get plenty of time off, arrange and buy stuff, plan dates, trips, and chalk out a zillion other things that Punjabi weddings are so famous for ;). Although you have managed to not give me a formal invitation card, you still gave me burfi I more desperately wanted, and chocolates.

I seriously think you have a knack for getting things done, when the valve is about to blow. Like eleventh hour .. that would explain a lot of things like late work hours, week ends , etc. But please no more cornflakes without milk (not because of problems with dairy stuff, but because he’s out of milk, and too lazy to get more), and no bread with ketchup. I’m pretty sure, you don’t like it either . Bread with ketchup .. HAH.

You’ll be pretty soon, a married man.