Don’t kid yourself

When was the last time you let yourself be?

When casting an impression did not matter. When you weren’t been scrutinized for all of your smallest, antics. When you know, you’re not being judged for every word you say, and all the people around you are behaving in a similar way.

In the process of being tactful and mature, I suppose, we as responsible adults seem to lose track of it. We know however, it still exists and it longs to be drawn out. I speak of a very important part of you. Your inner kid. The restless child. The unreasonable, uncontrollable being, for which logic is only as much as eyes see, and every action of whose is a fleeting whim of the so called heart. For when he speaks, it’s the pure form of expression, and not quite like the weighted, measured talk that we as adults indulge in. (Even, when we’re being candid 🙂 ).

Today, I attended a birthday party of my next door neighbor who’s a 6 yr old kid. Well, I’ve attended his previous 2 b’day bashes also :), so, it’s not something new for me. As a matter of fact, I enjoy myself, and well, some people scorn and do not quite seem to understand, the joy I get indulging in such activities.

So what’s it about kids that I so adore:

  • A kid would never hold back his/her true opinions about you. I would be given thumbs up/down in such a blunt and bold manner that at times I wish I could do the same without being calculative of how my behavior would affect my relationship with the concerned person later on.
  • A kid would do as he/she pleases. How it affects them in the long run, who cares. Life for kids is right here, right now!!
  • Leave two kids in a dull old room, and only with their imagination, they’d turn the place into a Disneyland. And we grown ups seek pleasures outside, when it’s actually all inside us.
  • Worry about tomorrow? Me? My agenda doesn’t even stretch till the next hour!
  • Food …. eat what I want, how much I want!

I think adults who drink to get a high, or use other mind altering substances, are just trying to let their inner kid be.

Or say, a lose talking pair of lovers. Or a bunch of old buddies. You could be a kid around someone you absolutely trust, only that the ‘being kid’ feeling has to be reciprocated. If it works, well and good. Why pelter your brain with a rack of chemicals, that may have other side effects.

On a more serious note:
Many children in India are being robbed of their innocent childhood. It hurts me to see the small, tender ones being made to work. There was a regulation last year, where in it was a punishable offense to employ someone under the age of 14, for any sort of work (domestic or commercial). How much of it has been enforced? I still see little ones cleaning utensils in dhabas, serving tea, and what not! Please don’t encourage such businesses, and learn to use your right to vote.

Look for a party whose agenda revolves around nurturing kids, and not providing you freebies like low income tax, and cheaper food grains.