Ready – not a review.

*Big fat disclaimer : This post just speaks about the movie “ready”, and by no means should be considered as a finger pointed at Salman Khan. As far as I’m concerned, I consider myself as a fan, and he’s a great man. I loved dabaang, and many others.

Read the bold points and get a picture.

Then read the details.

Did mommy not tell you to read between the lines! 🙂


My 2 cents on the Salman starrer “ready”.


Remarkable effort

Salman Khan had taken onto himself the grand task of making a movie which is more commendable than Farha Khan’s teesmarkhan, and by the looks of it, he sure seems ready for it. He’s served up an ace that probably will not be surpassed, I’m sure till the time I breathe and kick.


Intellectually high

I would have loved to put up a review up here, but the story seemed too complex for me to grasp with my limited intelligence. Maybe, I should see a ‘Telugu dubbed version’.


Love for Sallu, and mankind

I would take this opportunity to reach out to all the eligible girls. One of you, please go marry him and keep him real busy. Or he might start working on a sequel to Ready. Now I’m sure that kind of effort (getting into the skin of character, and the mental research), might severely hurt our dearest Sallu (and the mankind).


Inspiring Movie

I was inspired to do things. I never thought I could multi task. Now I know I can.

Things to do while watching Ready :

  • Write a blog post.
  • Do your taxes.
  • Run around in the hall, and lose some weight.
  • Watch Teesmarkhan on your hand held 😀



The jokes in the movie sort of reminded me of my college days. The days of the double meanings, arbit bakar and grand claims. I’m sure college kids would feel right at home, and say “we see all this every day in our canteen. Why pay money to watch it all over”


Complete Package – bole to paisa vasool

This movie has it all. Tragedy, Emotion, Drama. Only problem is you never realise when are they dished out. I mean it was so difficult to suppress a smile, when the baddie kids knock down their grampa, and the Emotional sons knock down their sons. It was meant to be choking moment. Why was I laughing? Because it was “the end”