What real beauty means to me?

I get goose bumps when I experience something beautiful.

Beauty that really gets me singing is not usually in form, as applicable to things or beings. I find that immensely overpowering feeling in situations. Yes, situations. They lead to feelings.

For example, consider these scenarios :

Putting a kid’s palm against mine,and realisation that I’m fine!

Noticing how mine seems to be a scaled up replica of the kid’s. This makes me feel I am myself a kid in nature’s lap, and makes me realise the futility of me trying to expect a certain outcome on which, truly speaking I have no say in. This moment is so relieving that I think it’s  a beauty.

Trying too hard, in vain and getting a ‘Eureka’ near the shower drain!

When I’m thinking over a certain problem, or trying to find my keys/pen/bag etc. I try relentlessly checking out every single place in the house, but to no effect. In the end, I give up. I start doing something totally unrelated thing, and them suddenly I get a picture in my mind, like a snapshot. This moment,  (I’m sure we all have experienced this) seems really beautiful.

Experiencing someone’s  craft. More so, if they don’t show, best if they don’t know!

Talented people are definitely attractive. Then there are those who have not realised what they are capable of. Or they have but do not put themselves on a pedestal, and demand to be looked up to.  Those are the ones that seem really beautiful to me. Came across a humble performer ever ? That’s the kind I’m talking about.

Also, there are kids (let’s talk smart interns) who seem so carelessly briliant. You tend to know how that person’s graph going to be like. That picture might not be even visible to the other person. That discovery seems so beautiful.

Sharing a song, creating a bond!

Ever heard a catchy tune, and shared it with someone. I do that a lot, and the glint in the eye of the person recieving tells a story which words need not say. That story is worth a thousand words and it’s beautiful.

Helped by stranger when astray, other person might have to go out of his way.

This is the most touching moment in your life. You feel thankful ! You have been at mercy of nature, but you’ve been rescued by a knight in shining armour. You suddenly have faith in mankind. You root for the other person. If this is not beauty, then what is?

A busy day leading to a good sleep’s way!

No matter how much I emphasise on the importance of proper sleep, it seems underrated. A well slept person is any day better than a well fed, well humored, well groomed person. Ever had the kind of sleep after being tired to the core by some activity (physical) . That state of sleep is beautiful.


The forementioned list of things may not be exhaustive, and for that matter not applicable to us all, but I’m sure you experience the beautiful moments, on your own grounds. This leads me to yet another question. What is the primary reaction on a beautiful experience? Gratitude, thankfullness might come later, with contemplation.

Instinctively, I feel the natural reaction to a beautiful experience is a smile. A simple unassuming smile. It has the potential to unite warring parties, solve interpersonal tensions, convince others about your vision.



what beauty means to me

what beauty means to me

You smile when you ask for help, and you smile when you recieve help.

You smile when you get to hear a good song, and you smile when you sing.

You smile when you’re well fed, and you smile when you feed someone.

Smile is the natural reaction to beauty, Smile might be the most beautiful thing.

Alas, I might not be able to corner and pinpoint what beauty is, but I suspect such is the nature of beauty. Till we figure out better, stay beautiful …. keep smiling! 🙂


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