In day-to-day activities we more popularly refer to as life, I am a young fella (a twenty something), thirty year old, working in the IT industry (referred to by many people as Hi Tech). I hail from a great 😉 country called India.

A few beliefs I subscribe to

  • I live to eat
  • Art touches me right where it matters.
  • Music defies all man-made barriers and demarcations.
  • Live it up.

My Mind
I’m yet another goggle eyed passenger on the journey called life. Overwhelmed, of my relative size to that of the infinity. I feel there is

So much to see, yet so little time to see it.
So much to learn, I wonder when it’ll end.
So much to do, I want to do it all.

I seem like a spec of dirt in this universe. O Enlightenment I seek thee

My Blog
Could be anyting. I don’t have a concrete ‘one’ idea about how it’s going to come around. I’d like people to read it feel in sync with my true inner self.


🙂 That was a description by me of myself some 5 years ago, and fresh out from college. Times have changed, and I have changed, but the core me, I think is pretty much the same. Awesome description by a 25 year old kid, what do you think?

Who am I? Call me coolant 🙂

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