Guitars… confusion…

So, I thought I’ll get a new guitar.

Easier said than done! Trust me.

I went in with the assumption, that my (supposedly) super ear will guide me to my new guitar. I couldn’t have been more wrong. It turns out, my super ear failed me on more levels than one. 🙂

Well, getting the acoustic one was somewhat easier, now that I look back. All you had to do, is check the sound, built, and the action. Of course, the size. And, somehow, back with the acoustic, the cost of the guitar varied nicely with the built, and looks. I found a decent one in just a couple of trips to the music shop.

The thing with the electric guitar kit is there are far to many variables in the equation. The cost variation is also somewhat spectacular. Add to it the fact, that I feel kind of unable to differentiate between sounds generated by those complicated instruments. Oh, did I mention the done variations, and the pickup coil options!

The setup at the music shop was simple, with one processor and one amp. The sales person just kept on hooking different guitars, and playing them with some knobs being flicked here and there. The end result was that I could not really latch on to what he was trying to say.

Single coil pickup or double coil. To me, it sounded much the same. He kept talking about the power, and the clean factor of the sound. It felt as though some one tried to explain stock market to me. I gave up on that particular guitar. It was a beginner Stagg.

In came the next ibanez. Supposedly of a little premium quality. Hooked it up to the same setup, and started his usual routine. Boy, time for me to get thoroughly confused. Frankly, it sounded same as the previous guitar 🙁 Maybe, I’m tone deaf or something, but  I had no idea why one of them would cost 7. 5k INR, and other 20k.

The confusion prevailed further, when I saw some Fenders at the similar range.

To add more fuel to this fire, I got to know that there are effects Processors with similar effects, but one being superior than other. I did not care to listen, the shop did not have them for try outs.

Ditto for the amps in there. About 5 varieties. but none to demo.

I’ll try to give my super ear another run at another shop, but one thing was pretty much evident here. Guitars did not make much of a difference here. Or they did, but I could not perceive. Maybe, I’ll need an expert to guide me through this mysterious myriad of options.

Any Experts?

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