Dark Knight Rises. First impressions

It’s been rather difficult to watch movies off late. The non availability of tickets at the last minute kind of derails any sort of enthusiasm that might otherwise be associated with  a particular release. I have had to forgo so many, that now watching a movie at a cinema has become too much of a chore.

Dark night rises .

The ticket presented itself without me having to put any effort whatsoever. Thanks to my office work group for that initiative. We got first day first show tickets.

The day was a cloudy one, and it might seem to be a bad day for getting up early in the morning and going to work, but never i had seen such an amazing turnout. The folks assembled at the office by 9:30 AM, and some decided to come directly to the cinema. But the turnout was nothing short of impressive. Even the latecomers and otherwise lazy ones stood right outside the line and spot on time.

I mean who would miss a chance to see such a highly anticipated movie . Add to it the fact, that it’s been pre-booked like crazy. I doubt if I could get any of the bookings done even now if I wanted to. August might seem my best shot!

So we all reached well in time. I’m sure everyone had expectations. The previous version was such an atom bomb.

***Disclaimer / Spoiler alert***

The opening scene shows a scientist from a plane being kidnapped mid air and what a shot it was. It also is where Bane makes the grand entry. Just the way Joker did in Dark Night. Shows how much on edge the character is.

The movie starts by building up from where the previous one had left. Harvey Dent is the projected Hero and Batman the convicted murderer on the run. Bruce Wayne becomes the recluse who has no other motto in life but to eat, breathe and just exist. He’s also with a broken leg which was as a result of shot he got in the ending scenes of the last movie, when Batman runs away, after supposedly killing Harvey Dent.

Enter Anne Hathaway ! The small time cat burglar in movie, and at the point when she messes up with the high end lock in Wayne’s mansion, right in front of Mr. Bruce Wayne, and immediately he seems interested. She’s seems slick indeed.

Also, meanwhile a rather powerful competing business tycoon tries to acquire the Wayne Enterprises by stealing Bruce Wayne’s fingerprints. A ploy that does seem to work, but Bane becomes too powerful and breaks free from being a paid pawn to the controlling king.

Eventually, Bane and Bruce Wayne do meet, and that’s  when it strikes you as to how powerful that “product of hell” really is.

Joker did bring with him a certain humor element, dark as it was. Bane brings fear to the party. The actor is mostly expression less, and has a rather intimidating form, where the mere the mere presence says a lot. The manner with which he speaks is very authoritative at all the times. He regards no one as his superior.

Then there is Ra’s Al Gul’s child twist to it. And how Bruce Wayne gets to hear that story when he was left to suffer in the very same pit from which Bane had risen. Overall lot of things happen in the movie. Enough to keep you interested till the very end.

While it is not possible to prevent people from comparing it with Dark Knight, I’d say that comparison is not just. Dark Knight had that impeccable performance by Heath Ledger and I seriously doubt if anyone can rise up to play a more convincing Joker.

Go watch this movie, and do not run those comparisons with Dark Knight. It’s pretty good.

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