yawn …. 2012, a new dawn

It’s a new year. I agree, seems a little late to be mentioning that :). But what the heck? I had been a sort of blogging slumber and I guess it’s time to get up, open the windows and take a look out for what the world is up to.

For the record, I’ve never been such a big fan of dates, and for me every single day has the capacity to be the new demarkation between something that can change.

Anyways, I’d like to draw upon on what 2011 has been for me.

Change of address

2011 was a landmark year for me as far as I’m personally concerned. It started me with me moving out from my native place (parents’ home) in Gurgaon to come to a wonderful city … Hyderabad. True, it was a significant decision on which I had meditated a lot, and got equally large quantities of advice from my “well wishers”. There were a few factors which helped me decide in favour of coming here 🙂 . Now that I reflect back, I’m so glad I did. It might not be applicable for everyone I know of, but I have my reasons.

Improvement in my sporting quotient.

The fact that this year I indulged more in many form of games, right from good old swimming, to tennis, and some cycling, and even yoga. I feel fitter and healthier than ever. I have put on some decent amount of weight (by no means like fat, but i do not look underweight anymore).

Learnt to play guitar

I got my first real six string,

bought it from a shop in here.

played it till my fingers got sore,

this is the high of the year.

This was something, I had always fantasized about doing, and now i can say I am quite comfortable doing it.

Made some great new friends, bonded with a many of the old ones.

This one is also a really significant take from the past year. Always good to meet new and interesting people. Even more significant is that old folks care to hang about. Thank almighty for this good fortune.

Amongst the other significant interesting things, that shaped up the past year

  • Discovered Hyderabadi Biryani : Was never a major fan, but now, it’s safe to say that I’m hooked on to the great taste.
  • Did a rather longish road trip, from Delhi to Hyderabd : Saw the beauty in Indian roads.
  • Improved on my home making abilities. Those skills were getting rusty when I was at home with parents.
  • Bought my first house.
  • Got the ownership of my first car.
  • Travelled far more than previous few years put together.
  • Got pampered by my awesome cook, Durga Aunty.

2012 Logon_Preview

Needless to say, I’m a little starry eyed now. I did not know any of this in 2010. Same applies to what I know about 2012. Apart from a certain doomsday prediction, life might turn out even smoother.

Maybe, this year I’ll have a fawn colored lab I’ve always wanted.

Maybe this year I’ll meet my dream girl, or realise she’s who.

Maybe I’ll find a Man Friday, I dream of Jeeves too.

Who knows ? what 2012 has in store for me. Here’s wishing everyone, a very happy new year!

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