Coincidence ?

Two unrelated situations, yet I took note of them on the same day.


There is this local department store, in my locality. It’s run as an outlet of a popular chain of departmental stores in Hyderabad, called “More”. I go there to get top ups for my kitchen and household consumables, which I stock up on a less frequent basis from Ratandeep, D-Mart, or hypercity.

Anyways, I’m invariably there every couple of days (think milk, bread, and eggs), so it’s not as though I’m remarking here about some random, isolated cases. I’m a regular there.

Some months back I saw a old man there. He has a very fair complexion and freckles on his face. Whatever hair exist on his head, are snow white in color. So is his moustache. Ever since then, I have started to see him with such a regularity that I almost look out for him when I go to the store. I go at random times. Early mornings, late mornings, some evenings, other night times. I go there, and he’s there, or he comes nicely strolling by.

I’ve observed him for quite some time now, and we haven’t spoken or even smiled at each other, for that matter. But we are (well, for the lack of a better word) comfortable around each other. He doesn’t linger around. Picks up his stuff quickly, and pushes off, quite unlike some people who are very slow and also make small talk with the people around.Like the way I do.

He dresses in track pants, and a collared T-shirt on most of the days. He moves with a certain swiftness and accuracy that compels me to make a guess about his lifestyle and background. I think he’s from armed forces background. I could of course be wrong, but I don’t see that kind of fitness, agility and poise in civilians of his age.

He’s a early riser, and I guess he runs/does long walks also.

He does not ever carry a re-useable bag to the store, despite the initiative by the store management to penalize the use of plastic bags for the betterment of the environment. Although I try to reuse my cloth bags, but he’s always there to ask for a plastic bag.

Whenever I go there, and he’s not already … I need to just look out for some minutes, and sure enough he comes strolling in. The coincidence is amazingly freakish. It has changed from being remarkable to eerie to just being funny now.

I think his is the face I’ve most often seen in my society.

Maybe, some day I’ll get to know him.


I had wondered what I’ll do with one Bull Audio speaker that was working fine in my car. The pair had sounded great when it vibrated in my car, and cost me some good deal too. It was difficult decision to have a cheap Sony Explod as a replacement for that pair. I had also tried to sell it off to the car shop I bought the other set from but to no avail. So, these speakers came to Hyderabad with me (thanks to the road trip), I took them out from my car trunk (they were just occupying space there), and put them in my house. For some months they just occupied my closet space, and I’d just look at them and wonder … maybe one day, the defunct one will magically heal itself, and I’ll put them back in my car.

My home theater, a Logitech Zx-5500 had it’s center satellite speaker busted. Maybe too high a volume played by me, or maybe it had been dropped from it’s table. I opened the stand and got out the speaker, but it just wouldn’t play. So, I ruled out the possibility of a bad connection.

Although music was decent (only stereo configurations worked), the Dolby dts and Dolby digital movis had the vocal channel missing. It sounded horrible.

So it occurred to me, to use that one functional bull audio speaker, and hack it into my home theater. With a few tweaks, it was up, and sounded much more awesome that the existing scenario.

Wow, my home theater is a Frankenstein now :).


I was generally thinking back . Every thing or a person has some role to play . An important role, which only he/she can justify. I suppose that is what they call as destiny. Lines like he was destined to do so and so…

We seek that out from the trying to filter out noise of our regular day-to-day lives.

Some of us find it. Some of us don’t.

I am my destiny’s Frankenstein!

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