Shortage of time … busting a myth.

I have come across yet another peculiarity in people’s behavior. ­čÖé

If/When someone says he/she does not have the time to do something (say, for example, learning to pursue a hobby they emphatically claim to be bonkers over), it’s probably because they’re not too keen.

Please do not take the aforementioned statement literally. It’s by no means to suggest, that people lie :

  • If they say they need so much time to accomplish a certain task, in a stipulated time . Pretty much arguable.
  • A one of case, when they say, something like “today’s meet up is not possible. I’m really pressed for time”.

I guess (or hope, rather) you get the idea.

Now, consider someone, who says he/she cannot start to play Guitar. Or for that matter, start to play tennis. Then you can interpret the statement differently. They are probably  not too hung on the idea.

Or consider this, if a “friend” says, on repeated occasions, that they would love to catch up, but never make it, get it straight up … “he/she finds you boring”. Take a hike. It’s probably best for both of you.

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