Meaning of all this.

After having a rather hectic day for the first day of the week, I decided to just doze off, because I felt my body was incapable of doing anything more. It was around 2 am, and my day consisted of a few nicely intertwined physical and mental activities.

Amongst troubleshooting a tricky problem at work, I had done an hour of power yoga (I think it’s the only form my teacher likes), some more work, and a 2 set game of tennis, which went down 6-2, 7-7 (and refused to finish from there on). It lasted for about 1 hour, and was preceded by half an hour of warm up knocks. Eventually, it was the time that was a constraint. I had to go over to a surprise birthday party of a friend, and my partner had some errands to run before 12:00 AM. it had already turned 11 PM.

For me, the round of activities continued. The surprise was very nicely anticipated by the birthday boy, and there was some Glenfiddich (wow, what a word) at his house. This somehow lifts up the spirits of many a people I know. For me, a biryani from bawarchi did a similar job. So, we got recharged and started a sort of dance party if you can call it that. 🙂

End result : I was tired and I slept off like a log.

Next morning, I got up late, and did not feel like driving, or biking. Somehow I feel both are taxing.

I decided on taking an auto to work, and almost instantly dozed off. When I reached, the auto driver tried to get some chai-pani extras from me, but I remained firm and paid only the amount we had negotiated. He left off with a face that reflected grumpiness.

After walking into my office for nearly half the distance to my work place, I realised I had left my laptop, and lunch box in the auto. I had no recollection of the number plate, or anything . I was too sleepy to observe.

At work, I realised that there was nothing much I could do about it. I went on into a meeting like nothing had happened.

Being from Delhi, I guess I’m conditioned to not seeing the face of things, once lost.I’m certian had I left a laptop in Delhi cab/auto, it would have been pawned (maybe even changed two hands) in the small shop in Nehru Place.

After the meeting got over, I mentioned the happenings to a friend, who literally exclaimed “Why are you even in office?” . “Go look for it” . Before I even realised what was happening, I had a bike key in my hand, with a RC and Registration papers. The only thing lacking …. was a plan of action. Where was I supposed to go? Who was I supposed to talk to?

“Go tell police…..”, “Go talk to other autowallas in the nearby stand…..”, “Talk to the security guard of the office…..”. were the ideas I was given by people around me.

Then something concrete came up. I chanced on the fact that the autowallas who wait outside Malaysian township are regular folks out there, and there were indeed a few faces I could recollect from the previous time I took a ride. Maybe I could find this auto guy waiting there. That would be a real lucky break. Basing it on that possibility I headed back home.

I rode on, and somehow had the urge to slow down near every auto walla, and have a sneak in to maybe run into the same fellow who dropped me in the morning.

I also enumerated the things of importance inside the laptop. I mean cost of the machine aside, there were photos, music and recordings in it. I cringed at the thought because I remembered the condition of friends who lost data and irreplaceable personal stuff.

When I reached the place, immediately stopped in front of the other auto guys standing there in a queue. I told one of the guys my story, and they told me they remember seeing me in the morning, and know the fellow who drove me. Heck, they even had his cell phone number.

I was back in business. Big time.

They immediately called the other guy, and asked him to come over. Meanwhile, we engaged in some small talk, where they told me in typical Hyderabadi lingo “Bhai, itni der kai ko kari aane me, koi passengera peeche se utha leta to humko nakko milta naa” .

I got them back (both tiffin and laptop). safe and sound. I thought I could have been more proactive and swift in reaching out.


Life keeps on giving you signs, like an aura on a life form. Yesterday I got a very good vibe from it.

It kind of reinstated some of my beliefs.

  • Life does offer second chance. (you need to be there to take it)
  • I am lucky. (plain old lucky!)
  • Goodness is still not a lost cause.
  • I like Hyderabad (Can you say this about the city you live in?)

It also motivated me to very actively :

  1. Get all my data in one place and have a redundant copy of what I deem worth it.
  2. Not sleep at wrong places.
  3. If I have an idea, I should act on it. With some urgency.

2 Replies to “Meaning of all this.”

  1. Well put Gautam. Just to add one more thing to your motivation list, always keep count of things when you leave home, especially the items you are carrying in hand and make sure you don’t mess up the count. 🙂 It has worked pretty well for me.

    No doubt, you are one damn lucky fella, I remember once I left my mobile in an auto, and even after spending a day looking for the same, I was nowhere… 🙂

  2. Sounds interesting Rohit, I’ll try to consciously implement it. Maybe it’ll solve a problem for me.

    May the luck continue.
    For me, and for you. 🙂

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