Of movies based on books.

Almost all the movies I have seen which have read a book associated with them seem like a pale shadow of the content in the book. I always try to find an exception to this rule, and get drawn into watching yet another movie, hoping that this one time, I’ll be surprised pleasantly, and I can finally toss out the half baked theory out of the window.

Also, it doesn’t have to do with the order in which I do it. I mean, if I read a book after watching a movie, it still seems like a mere gist of what the book is.

I first read the book Godfather, and then watched the popular flick. It felt bland, mostly.

It is not even based on the genre of the movie, be it Sci Fi, thriller, or pure fantasy, the book always surpasses the flick.

The Lost world, as a movie seemed to have no fizz. After I read the book however, it’s one of my favorites.

I feel a book houses so much detail around every scene, and you’re forced to take notice of each and every bit of the detail is why a book leaves you with a more richer, fulller experience.With a movie, you can choose to ignore a part of the picture, by not looking at it. Doesn’t quite work like that in books. But that’s just one theory.

Classic example : The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy. Book – Legendary. Movie – Avoidable.

Another reason, I’ve heard people come up with is, that while reading, you excercise your own imagination in conjunction with that of the author’s. This exercise gets you much more involved, as opposed to watching a movie, where just your visual and aural senses get the upper hand in being active.

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings? I could not watch the movies, because the books left me high. Everything else seemed dry.

Also, somehow I feel, that a book just cannot be captured in a 90 min. video. It’s too less a time frame. When you read a book, it sinks in, and then you move forward. With a movie however, it moves forward, regardless of weather you miss a dialogue, or part of a happening scene.


I suppose a very solid founding theory could be, that reading is a more immersive experience because one tends to use the brain a lot more (imagining), the plot moves at a pace which the reader can alter (sinks in), and the content is serialized so not much of it is lost.

Doesn’t work like that with comics though. I quite enjoy the movies that are derived off comic strips. In fact they even, at times surpass the original source. The batman movies for example. Batman Begins, and the dark knight. There the director has managed to add quite a bit of color to the otherwise mundane and monochrome type of a comic strip.

Maybe it’s because of the character that has been thrown in by the director of the series. I do not enjoy batman comics much anyways.

Maybe it’s to suggest that Human brain is not a natural multi tasker .

Also, this does suggest that writing is a powerful medium, no matter how much technology and innovation continue to wrestle it.

Then, there are those who do not wish to read …. 🙂

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