Mumbai … why?

This is becoming a real nuisance now. These blasts. I always fail to understand why such a cosmopolitan area, where people are mostly educated, and of a real hetrogonous mix gets it again and again. Last weekend was the first time I ever went to the city, and I had all the expectations from it.

So many people who have been there have expressed their fondness for the place, it was as though I had a mental image of the place even before I had set foot in there.

Despite the high expectations, which usually lead to disappointment more often than not, I had a fabulous experience at the place. It seems to be a place out of India (in a very good way).

The architecture is great, the weather fabulous, the people totally cool, and the Sea … breathtaking.

I pray.

God grant the families who have lost, the strength and the will to carry on.

The ones who are responsible to be caught, tried and punished.

Mumbai, you were beautiful, you’re beautiful, you will remain to me

Don’t lose the hope ..  just before the dawn, the darkest it will be.



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