Some simple pleasures

There’s nothing more delightful than having a good portion of spicy “Hyderabadi Biryani”, followed by the sweetest of mangoes (I still do not know it’s Hyderabadi name, but it’s a smaller sized equally sweet variant of ‘safeda’ we get in Delhi).

More so if that mango is chilled.The experience seems to be a roller coaster for the brain. One can get high on such a meal, without the need for any artificial intoxicants. 🙂

But it gets better .

The night is breezy, and the wind seems laden with tiny drops of water. The ones that get carried away, and do not fall. My feelings for the past few nights in Hyderabad.

Originally from

Midnight Rain

When clouds did a waltz in the moonlight

The wind did rustle every tree in sight

Drops gave up and fell, attempt to hang around went in vain

My semi charmed life witnessed the beauty of midnight rain.


Of the many things life leads you to

In shades of yellow, red and blue

Which you see, but tend to forget

Nature’s beauty in mind it is permanently set


I have seen this and I had loved it then

What slipped through me was where and when

It struck me out when I probed within

This beauty I’ve been with, called Sikkim.

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