GSK ….. hats off !

Pretty cryptic, the headline, you’d say. This is a true story of something that is pretty much happening as we breathe. As people know my job and working style, they would probably certify me as a “laid back” and “chilled out” in terms of the work. Not to say that I am non enthusiastic or lazy.(You should see me when the script demands me to be proactive 😉

But this post is not about me, so I continue….

The bunch of people I hang out with,  not all of them treat the job  the manner in which I do. Or let me be more apt, not every one’s job treats them in the same way mine treats me. Yeah that sounded more better. There is this one person, who always seems to be in thick of action. Working late(I mean, really late), working on weekends, working on national holidays (when most of others would be cooling off their heels).  He would probably attribute it to a difficult boss, tough work profile , and so on.

Meet him once, and he doesn’t seem to be one of the “always obsessed with work type of people”. In fact he’d give you the impression that he’s still into studying .. you know the typical , care free attitude. He doesn’t mind venturing out to most of my crazy, off the top outing plans, but he does seem to be lazy, at certain times. He is lazy and kind of bugs me that I want to give him a hard whack and knock some sense of well being into him.

I mean this guy’s place, is a sample. His existence … is entirely on islands of things, while the rest of his house might seem a bit too spartan. For example, there’s a couch which extends to be a double bed, despite having multiple rooms at his place.  His bed would have most of the things one could wish for … a laptop, all the remotes for the gadgets, ipod, phone, munchies, glasses, booze, newspaper, books,knives (trust me I’ve seen two, a swiss army types, and a cheap imitation of victorinox), DVDs, takeaway menus, his “work laptop”, some sample of things from his work. wow. People live off a suitcase , I say this bloke lives out of a bed

Likewise, his dining table, is crammed with comics, old notebooks, boxes (not of anything edible), and old containers.

Any ways, whenever I told to be a little more organized, he’d shush shush me…  and say, “I will , eventually, when I get married”

<time zap>

So dude,  day after tomorrow is the day. It’s your wedding, and the reason I’m  still zapped, is probably the speed with which you have managed to do everything … get plenty of time off, arrange and buy stuff, plan dates, trips, and chalk out a zillion other things that Punjabi weddings are so famous for ;). Although you have managed to not give me a formal invitation card, you still gave me burfi I more desperately wanted, and chocolates.

I seriously think you have a knack for getting things done, when the valve is about to blow. Like eleventh hour .. that would explain a lot of things like late work hours, week ends , etc. But please no more cornflakes without milk (not because of problems with dairy stuff, but because he’s out of milk, and too lazy to get more), and no bread with ketchup. I’m pretty sure, you don’t like it either . Bread with ketchup .. HAH.

You’ll be pretty soon, a married man.

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  1. brillianto! yes, we also thought – this bloke does live out of a bed 🙂

    amazing to see people change all of a sudden (read zap) yes, the bed is clean and the entire house looks amazing (but i have not visited upstairs in a while) i bet the woman of the house has done wonders 🙂

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