No Ordinary Morning

As I opened my eyes, I realised it was quite early in the morning. The sun hadn’t quite started to shine yet. It seemed as though it probably won’t, this morning, either. It was cloudy, and I could hear the birds chirping, the way they do, before it rains. She lay next to me, totally unaware of the circumstances outside. She had been up till late, cajoling me to tell her stories, and being up to no good.

For her, it was going to be a landmark day, for she had to address her new classmates, and her new  teacher at school today. It was my daughter’s first day at school today. She looked really pretty, like a princess, and besides her she had all the things a little kid would need on her first day at school. A new dress!

Sky blue in color, there was this shirt, and a pair of pants navy blue in shade. They looked super cute, and I guess they were her mother’s choice. I felt so grateful, for had it been me, who’d gone for the dress picking, we would have ended up getting a real fancy frock kind of a dress, with lot’s of frills on it. Very beautiful to look at, but also, equally uncomfortable to carry around. I just imagined the situation, and tried to suppress a weary smile. One could not help but smile at the sight of the princess with her not so shiny armour kept by her side.

I got up, without disturbing the peaceful bed much. I looked around the room, and tried to find where my wife was. I did not want to call out for her, as the house was very quiet. So I decided to find her and help her out, for she had an important day at work too. New client, and a new business prospect. So, as I strolled into our study, I noticed my wife was up there on the table, perched on the chair like a bird, intensely focussed and staring into the computer screen, and typing rapidly. From what I know, her manner suggested that she was up to something, it might be best to let her be.

My wife is a software professional. I do not understand much of these machines but she often treats her laptop like her best friend. I think they understand each other quite well too. As far as I’m concerned, the only interaction with computers that I have is the one in our living area. It plays me music, and at times, when my wife deals with it, shows us a movie or two. Not to forget the times when we call up our friends in China, with this thing called skype. Nifty name for something which works like a phone.

So, with the two beauties pre-occupied, I decided to pitch in with what I do best. I’ll pick out some berries from our kitchen garden and make a tart. I’m a chef by profession, and two of my most critical clients live right next to me, all the time. It was also a day off for me, so I felt quite at ease. I had a little over two hours to whip out the culinary magic, they tell me I’m capable of. As for me, I just enjoy watching the smiles they give when the sample my creations.

In the kitchen garden, as I was picking of berries, I thought of the day I planted them. It was a full year ago, and I was playing with my daughter, showing her some gardening. She helped me out by telling me what all to put in, and what all to leave, since we had only limited space. Berries it was ! Lettuce had missed the final cut, and carrots were in too.

With enough berries in my basket, I went in cleaned them first, and chopped them into exact halves. They were sweet, most of them. Some of them were a little tangy. My wife would love them like that, I thought and continued to bake. It smelled cooked so I put it out, and put some syrup to give it a frosty coat. After it cooled a little, I put the berries on top, and put them on a tray.

Upstairs, I heard some howling followed by giggles and other general noise. I knew my kid was up, and my wife was helping her get ready. After a while she scampered down the stair case, and I could not help but admire how she looked. Sky blue shirt, navy blue pants, and hair tied back  into a pony tail, with a bright yellow hair clip. She came closer and I swooped her from ground. She was all smiles, and happy to go to school. I gave her a tart, and she kissed me on my cheek.

My wife followed us into the kitchen after five minutes. I saw her. She looked like a kid herself, and seemed really excited about something. I gave her the tart with the ‘tangy’ berries on top, and she gave me one of those smiles which could end the “cold war”. My daughter ran upto her. The two started to stroll out to the drive way, and they looked so similar. One of them was wearing lime green shirt and bottle green pants, and had her hair cut very short.

This was no ordinary morning.

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