Story of all Indian swimming pools.

I’ve come across loads of posts classifying orkut users into some funny category or the other. Inspired by the same, I hereby dissect people seen in swimming pools.

story of a swimming pool

This holds true for every swimming pool I’ve ventured into. The people in the pool can be classified into these sets,Β  and these sets are found everywhere, with the exception of those die hard sports club pools. For, my discussion, let’s just focus on normal pools, say in your society,Β  or your chill out club. These are the categories of people that can certainly be spotted in there.

Length lappers

  • The ones who actually want to “swim”.
  • Busy doing their laps, (lengthwise laps) they seem to be following a rigours routine and seem very good at it.
  • Mostly, they come to the pool alone.
  • Their usage of the pool is about 30 mins – 45 mins


  • They are the loudest ones out there.
  • Their idea of being in the swimming pool is to have a nice chat with friends.
  • They hang around at the edges of a pool, and never arrive to the premises without the company of those other socialiser friends.
  • They usually use the premises for an hour, even more on holidays.

Kids being forced to learn how to swim.

  • Are usually pushed by parents who feel it’s a good activity for them.
  • Would be driven to the pool whereas the parents would sit on the easy chair outside, admiring the capabilities of their own flesh and blood.
  • They are seen grumpy faced. Usually in groups of three and four, swarming around the swimming coach, and being yelled at by him.
  • They painfully hang in the pool for like an hour, after which they just pop out as though being released from captivity.

“Newly inΒ  Love” birds

  • They hang out in the pool to be with each other and in proximity.
  • They keep on perfecting each others strokes, and usually seem all giggles.
  • They hangout in pairs, at the very edges of the pool, only to be occasionally disturbed by the “lappers”
  • Their usage chart varies from day to day. Happy to do it for 30 mins one day to 2 hours on others.

Perennial swimmers.

  • They are there to beat the heat/lose fat cause Pippa Middleton said she keeps in shape by swimming (seriously?)
  • They hang out in the pool, don’t swim much, but are the most content of the people out there.
  • Their swimming session usually lasts for over a few hours.

The “Ace” Coachers

  • They like to give out instructions to every swimming soul they come across.
  • They themselves don’t swim much, but are “masters” when it comes to technique.
  • They follow the other swimmer who’s trying to learn it herself/himself.

The game players

  • They usually hang in groups of 3-4.
  • Always conjure up some fun game like “find the coin”, or “get on the float”, or “human pyramid”.
  • Are the happiest lot out there.
  • Are the obstacles to the “lappers”

The peeping toms.

  • Although not guaranteed to be in every pool out there (this one’s a dying breed πŸ™‚ ), they are in the pool to catch some honeys.
  • Seen in close zones to wherever a lone and attractive girl is swimming.

2 Replies to “Story of all Indian swimming pools.”

  1. You have stolen a topic that I have kept for my blog man!
    Very accurate classification. length lappers, “ace” coaches. And funny too.

  2. @Sairam, life is like that, isn’t it ? You eye something (or someone), for so long, and with wishful thinking then along comes an arbitrary person, only to swoop it away. :). And you can only appreciate

    Thanks for your kind words, in here. A pity, only a select few would be able to appreciate the humor intended here (I mean those who have been swimming regularly).

    PS: Which category do you fall into? πŸ™‚

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