My comfort zone – and attempt to step out from it.

This is oddest thing, I think, as I compose this post. I look at it, and feel as though I need a new challenge. Although this is definitely not anything spectacular, as the things I mentioned in my previous post, it seems as though it might require quite some effort on my part.

For starters, let me shed some light on the problem. I feel I’ve been on facebook too much, and although it’s not really a problem per say, I have kind of taken to it like a fish to a pond. Especially after I relocated. Although, I feel the recent push-mail + fb messages are the major culprit, but I’m not keen on any analysis of the root cause here. I used to be totally off it, and now it seems I’m living a life in there.

Yes, I admit there’s a party going on in there, but I’d like to step out and catch some fresh air. So, here’s me saying that I’ll be off facebook for some days to come. I do not know beforehand how long my break would be, but I’m hoping that I at least make it ten days from now on.


So this is my out of office message, out on vacation.

I’ll catch up on reading, writing my blog, watching movies, cycling, and going out, but going to be off facebook limits, for at least 10 days.

So long!

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