Get out of that zone!

After a while, we settle into our routine, mundane scheme of things that life as to offer.

And then, after really lot’s of introspection and insight, we realise we are in autopilot mode.

We need to be free. We need to feel alive. Even too much of chocolate can make you suffer,

Life needs to be sparkled with non-routine activities. So pack your bags up, and get on that road!


I admit, this particular post has been lying in my drafts section since ages, and I wanted to write about it so bad. Things have been popping up for me so “choc a bloc” that if I look back at what I did, and what needs to be done, the past few days look like a blur. It was good fun though!

Any ways, back to what I was saying.

Is your routine something in the lines of:

  • Get up an hour before going to work/school.
  • Hastily do the “absolutely essential” activities.
  • Reach office.
  • Get on the email backlog.
  • Do some “work”.
  • Status update on FB, smirk on someone’s FB status, frown on someone else’s 🙂
  • Eat.
  • Have some meeting with some random person.
  • Work some more.
  • Reach home.
  • Work out/watch TV/More FB?
  • Eat.
  • Pointless net surfing …..  till you zonk out and crash.


Seems like a very normal routine of things these days. I have been a victim to such a routine in the past. The worst part is that you tend to get this as a one off day, but it suddenly transforms into a vicious cycle, and then you feel so knocked out by the week end that you tend to sleep it off.

This was when I realised life was being pushy at me, and I needed a change of routine. Now I have had the fortune of always being in organisations, where I need not “check in” at a certain hour of the day and need to clock so many hours, to “justify” my salary 😉 . (OK, not an original. I quote)

Also, the luck seems to continue. Touch the wood.

I tried to push my arrival time to my liking, so that when I get up, I’m free to something from that time. I have tried yoga in that time, tennis, cooking hearty breakfast, keeping plants, doing some interior decor work. These activities make me feel that I am more than just a machine whose job is to punch out code.

Even a slight and subtle change, like taking a different (maybe longer) route to work can set you up for a tinge you’d otherwise find missing.

Try doing such a thing, and you’ll realise what I mean. So this is my premise for another thing which I’m proposing. Non routine activities give you that much needed whiff of fresh air. If it is something you fear, all the more better.

I got to hear today that “horizontal exposure leads to vertical success”. As in, when kids who are involved in multiple activities do better in life, because they are more equipped to do a multitude of tasks, rather than some one whose sole focus is developing one skill. Also, people stuck in a problem should shift focus to get a reset point of view of the problem.

Although, lot of examples and case studies were cited by the orator to support his statement, I felt the urge to dissect the reason behind the phenomenon. So I asked myself why the zing comes back?

I think I have a beat on this one. When we keep on doing something which we are good  at, and for most of us, it is what we call as “work”, we tend to do some basic things over and over again. In fact, I think, that’s what probably qualifies us as professionals. But if there is something fresh about a new activity we pick up, there’s that novelty. We might not be necessarily great at it. Better! You must have a fear value attached with it to get maximum. There’s the stepping out of your comfort zone. Certainly there is a challenge. It leads to triggering of those neurons which have been lying in the hidden closet and not invoked for so much time. Those muscles which have not been flexed. They might be rusty 🙂

So, what basically ensues is that the brain gets stimulated and my guess is there is a general sense of confidence and well being once we reasonably acquire that new skill. That might take your regular work on a upswing. Do try it.

Try anything.

  • You think you croak ?  Singing,
  • Two left feet syndrome?  dancing.
  • Bad stamina ? playing.
  • Like to eat, but can’t create ? cooking.
  • Need a mental spa? learn a new language.
  • Shy ? make new friends
  • Hesitant ? Ask that cute girl/guy from work out.

Do get out of your comfort zone! ….. whatever that catches your fancy, and you are somewhat afraid of the prospect of. You might suck at it, but you’ll improve, and not just in it. It’s the kick one gets that makes it worthwhile. Also, you never know, how good you actually are in that aspect. Human body and mind are amazing. Go stretch them out

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