Symbian walking the thin line. Android, iOS or Win7?

It seems the time of usability amongst current cell phones, and the upcoming variants is declining at an amazing pace. Sample this, my phone usage trends :

  1. My first phone, a Nokia 3510 lasted me 3.5. years,
  2. The next Kyocera something was a bad buy, and was discarded in 2 months. Let’s just ignore this.
  3. Sony Ericsson w810, my family also got the taste of the same, and we still dote on it. I hated it at times, and loved it on other occasions. I had to move forward, but I used it for 2 good years. Still think, it was the best music phone (sheer sound), and best camera I have ever bought.
  4. Samsung i450. Nice phone, lasted for 1.5 years. Music library was ahead of it’s times. Sounded great. Camera was nothing to be proud of.
  5. Nokia X6. Loved ovi maps, ovi music, the 5MP camera and the touch screen. Have used maps to quite an extent. Very recently used to route my car through villages and highways. Certainly useful features, finding it difficult to live without these now. Of course, there was music !! Have been using this for 10 months now. This phone seems neither here nor there to me now.


Nokia took a tumble.

For various reasons. X6 has been falling short of expectations for me. Things seemed further exaggerated when it came to my knowledge that Nokia mail does not play well with Exchange server, which is the only way to access mails at my new workplace.

Symbian seems dated when it comes to integration with Social Networking Sites, and the videos that can be played on the device also need to be transcoded first. Another deterrent for watching a movie on the move. Also, I’ve seen the Music Library navigation on some of the Droids, and the omnipresent HTC Mozart :), they seem innovative. The UI seems extremely responsive and fancy.

Maybe I’m just jealous  when I see people around me juggling Social Networking and work while sipping on cold coffee in Barista! Maybe I think it’s useful. Who can tell?

I was actually quite content using my X6, heck I even found ActiveSync, and did get a way (albeit kludgy) to access Exchange server at work. The phone was not the most elegant in the past few weeks(lot’s of reboots, and countless task kills), and one fine day the phone gave up on me. Just a random day, there was no network!

There have been no physical tumbles around that time, although I admit, in the past I have been dropping my phone at a rate of one fall a month. To be very clear, these are the types of falls that result in the case opening, battery and the back lid popping and flying out in different directions! The gentle nudges/brushes against walls and other surfaces occur almost once a week. Fortunately, the touch screen has lived on.


I have no clue what might have gone wrong. Sure it was not a impact related problem. I used it to make some calls in the morning, and pocketed it. By afternoon, it was zonked out. Maybe, I was pushing my X6 too hard.

I’ve given it for repairs, and it still is under warranty. From what I know, a phone post repairs is not really as fit as it should be. It might work, or it might spring up more problems. Let’s see. It’s scheduled to be in the pit for 10 days. After that, if it works good, I’ll stick to it. If it makes me take it to Nokia care in less than a couple of months, I’ll be getting me a new phone. Probably an android, on Sony Ericsson hardware! Or HTC.

OK enough fantasising! I’ll see if and when it happens.

Update : Nokia care called me back in 2 days (instead of 10), and have provided me with brand new handset. They reckon the problems I was facing were due to a faulty motherboard, and thought it’d be better to change the entire phone. Looks like I’ll  be using my Nokia X6 for some time to come now.

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