Memory gets made :)

Very recently, I went to attend a friend’s wedding celebrations. It was really very nice, and I had a great time. Met up with old friends. Saw some of them (even the person who’s do it was), after ages. Another reason why the events were such a success, because they had been immaculately planned for, and when you pay that kind of attention to detail to any thing/activity, you’re bound to rock.

Well among the fun and the laughter there were stellar dance performances by the friends and family.

The bride looked as stunning as one can be. She had put in a lot of effort too for her dance solo. It must have come to her as a bit of disappointment, that the sound system “karma” decided to play with her plans. It croaked, and it was enough to throw a nut in the fine running engine, that her dance otherwise seemed to be. It was a heart wrenching moment for us in the crowd. Her performance, from the bit I did manage to see was like “poetry in motion”.

Well, the technical hurdle was soon overcome, and I’m sure there might have been some butterflies in tummy when she was lauded to do it again. Before long, the brave spirited girl was back up on the stage, and she did manage to deliver exactly as it had been planned and rehearsed. It was her day, of course! She nailed it.

So any ways, now I’m sure the memories of this incident must have etched something somewhere, for everyone who had witnessed it. Now that I think of it, I feel it made the day all the more special, and I guess this friend of mine would have a funny tale to tell her future grandchildren 🙂


It’s amazing how something, that for a confining moment might seem to be the last thing you’d want to happen, but it does anyway.

What’s even more remarkable here, that in thoughts of that moment, where so much emotion had been involved, so much feeling (detest/fear) goes through that it does become “your moment” later on whenever your thoughts drift to it.

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