Early to bed, early to rise …. there’s more to it than meets the eyes!

There’s something quite spectacular about the break of the day.
I mean, I do get up early, and am the most productive in the morning, but that’s not what this post is about. I guess people have their own “best times for the day”.

Oh. and for the record, the late night (with easy calm, and glitter of lights) is certainly a sight to behold. Such things linger around, when I close my eyes. I love them too.

So, now a days, I don’t wake up by an alarm clock. I depend on the light coming in from a window that I intentionaly leave open, just before hitting the bed. But I think it’s more to do with my body clock :). Anyways, I might have slept a little earlier than ususal, or must have been uneasily sleeping, but when I got up, it was still dark, and very quiet. The time must’ve been 4:45 am.

Also, it wasn’t as though I was woken up by a bad dream. It was very normal, and when I got up, I felt fresh, and ready to go. After deciding I had nothing to do at that time of the hour, I decided, I’m going to watch the day break. So, I climbed up to my terrace, and made for the most comfortable position (It’s over the water tank).

Well, I have done such a thing in the past, but that’s usually, when I’m out, travelling to a place where horizon is visible, and I do love watching the sun rise. However, around my home, the place is filled with tall buildings, and houses, that I can only see as far (but it is not bad at all, trust me, even in Gurgaon).

So, it was very dark, I could not even see where I was stepping. I had to feel my terrace (since I haven’t been up there lately, and thnigs change ). I managed to find a spot though. It was also very quiet. I could hear the leaves rustling, and the slightest of the sounds made when I tiptoed over to the other end. There was also this pile of bricks I managed to hit, and when that fell, it made quite a racket :).

So I concentrated on the part just over the horizon, thanks to the skyscrapers. It was dark, much the same everywhere. After a while though I noticed some activity among the birds. Initially, it was the big dark birds (I’ m ignorant of their names) which fly without flapping their wings so much. More like effortless gliding. There was this spot in the sky, which was looking quite different from rest of the dark sky. It had acquired a dark bluish tone.

In a while that point started getting brighter. I could tell the difference, every passing moment. Soon enough, there was a small band of colors at the spot. It was as if some one had stacked a blue strip over a white strip over a orange strip. The rest of the sky was dark. The coloring scheme I saw here looked marvellous. Pretty soon, this band started to gain in size (width wise, as well as length wise).

The birds decided to join the party at that time, and I could hear different kinds of chirps in the air. The affect was of an orchestra with people tuning their instruments. When it became a little brighter, the big birds had started to circle right over my head. It felt great. This was the best moment of the experience. I wish I had a camera there, but I guess mega pixels wouldn’t suffice to capture what I saw. Anyways, I noticed some sparrow type birds (ones who flap wings vigorously to stay air borne) circling the perimeter of the circle big birds had made over my head. The affect was more than what I have words to describe. It was the fusion of amazing colors, happiest of sounds, and a nice breeze, which was like a cherry on iced cake 🙂

I hopelessly wished “if time could freeze …”

So, if you haven’t seen this yourself, people, let me tell you …. you’ve missed something. And also, each sunrise is a different experience. Some leave you feeling humble and small. Other times, you feel peppy and charged up. But you never feel down.Today, I felt like roaring, and rearing to go!

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