how does it feel?

I thought I knew it all. I am a simple guy, easy to be with ….. am I?

People can be judged, by their actions, and their words ….. can they?

Time flows, has been flowing, and will continue to flow ….. does it?

People appreciate blunt honesty ….. do they?

Life does not give you a second chance ….. (it does) … what about third ?

Many people can talk the talk. How many can walk the walk?

Everything happens for a reason, or does it?

“I haven’t gotten it figured out just yet” – Thanks Alanis. You make most sense now.

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  1. you can call this comment a solicitation or anything you like. But i call it as a cry for help. I find that the best way to get my words out and about is to comment on people’s blog and forum and hope that someone would read and visit my blog and in turn help me out.

    I may not be able to get all the people I contact to help me out, but if one out of every three people I contact have a heart, i may have something to look forward to tomorrow and the new year to come.

    Sorry to take up your time.. Please if you can visit the blog. Read a bit and see if you can help me in anyway.


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