Choice is good, but with a reason

Well, this post is going to be rant.

I am a gadget freak… I have realized it off late. As much as I try to convince myself otherwise . That being said, let me also re emphasize . If a brand comes out with a new product (say apple, and their iphone 3g fiasco, for the sake of example), I’m not interested, till I find a use for it. I do not swear by brands.

Well, nonetheless, I also have realized, that I am an audiophile. Good sound delights me in a way that snazzy interface would probably affect mac users. We all have our poison. If you are beginning to think this one’s against apple here, lemme clear it out, no I am not in a position to crib against them. Not a single apple product till date. They just make a good example of “obsessed people”, and crazy marketing.

Now, well, back to business….

So, I like good audio. I have lots of products from sony. (Naturally, you might say). O sony .. why must you do this to your users. The headphones are great. I’m loving it, even as I type out this post. But there’s a string (or shall we call it the sony proprietary connector …. eyuuch ) attached to my phone. What a totally useless piece of engineering. I mean look at the number of exposed pins( and the size). Looks like a recipe for disaster, as compared to plain old USB B mini.

So, I used to think, sony must’ve got it wrong, you know back in the ol’ days, of lesser standards, and days of experimentation. Look at the picture now. There have been more and enough people who crib about the same problem. Connectors of Sony Walkman phones go bust (aren’t they bound to). My second set of headphones are giving problems, and never have the plain ol’ 3.5 mm stereo connectors suggested anything to those lines. Not even the usb mini ones. Some of the design should be based on experiences, you know, they aren’t kidding when they say that time is the best teacher. The standards are based on the usability, and not due to a desire to capture the market. So who seems goofy now ? Go take a look at the newer lines of Sony phones. They have only one probable line of reasoning … backward compatibility (yeah, with crap).

Sony, when, most of the products are talking nicely of convergence, and well they also put their dollars where there mouth is. Yea I’m talking of memory cards. Nokia, motorola , and a lot of cameras, couple of other gadgets use a SD card. Seems good. Why must Sony products use a MS pro … I have a PSP, plays well with my other sony stuff, but very recently I bought a Nokia product(I am not a brand driven person) . Quite naturally, it won’t be allowed to exist in my Sony device ecosystem. So then, I have slowly come to a realization … Sony is not as sweet as it once seemed. Well, if only they could give me a reasoning for:

  • SD card has open specs as opposed to Sony MS crap.
  • SD card is generally cheaper around the market. go check yourself.
  • So, does MS pro offer any technological advantages? Not that I can think of.. or know .
  • Well, so all of you people, snared in Sony world, I urge you to reconsider your next Sony purchase?Is it worth it.Audio stuff from Sony is good, no doubt, but clearly, the company has decided that it does not intend to play around nicely to others, which I feel is a very bad policy, in today’s market.

    So, what are the alternatives for common sony products, like walkman phones , PSP, and PS3, good headphones?Baah… must go out  and buy a new memory stick.

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