Save … (all you can) !!!

“I get up … and nothing gets me down” … Van halen

But this morning, something did. I flicked on my comp, and tuned to the 80’s and 90’s Channel. There was no music. They were going to bring down the net radio.

We have all heard of Save wildlife, Save water, and such issues. But as of today,¬† 27th June 2007, my heart goes out to “save the internet radio movement“. I for one, seriously, and wholeheartedly wish that royalty rates’ hike that is to affect small time broadcasters (which tend to be popular, beyond a certain degree is rolled back).

What’s more, it’s going to be on affect from 15’th of July.

So I urge all the listeners to mark their protest against the ruling  .

Please visit .All you music lovers.

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  1. If this happens, it’s gonna be a huge crisis…
    For a person like you who uses the internet radio so frequently, it’s gonna be a big problem…Let’s hope we save it..

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