My kudos

After a lot of thinking around with the idea, and considering the various available options, I hereby take a step (or shall I say a dip) into the colorful world of blogging.

I have an idea about why I need to do it, but it’s only vague, and at the moment, seems ungainly.No explanation just an attempt to explore the unchartered territories, and perhaps get a different view, on what makes blogging such an addictive activity.

I take this post to thank certain ppl who inspired me to start writing.
So , without further ado, hats off to

  • anurag
  • panne
  • pro
  • and the very artistic kesto

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    1. this is ur infamous wannabe fashion designer sis. well, the least u could do is thank me also…… i am afterall that one unique person who convinced to to take a “dip” in the world of blogging!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. @shirin : Thank you so much :).
      BTW, you’re not infamous. It’s just that you are not famous (yet)

      And the world (of blogging) is indeed colorful.
      Could I , in some way, convince you too join in ? I’ll be glad.

    3. Thank u very much, we had a good laugh and it sounded true 4 Chhabra family indeed! Someone might have thought its ur fantasy but as a Chhabra i reconized the situation,lol. Though Mammu was wondering how cud u tell the world abt ur dear sis! She wud have taken revenge as she wont allow anyone to tell abt her stories. So our conclusion is- Shirin is a nice person indeed coz she didnt break ur scull after these revealing facts,lol

    4. rightly concluded!
      Shirin’s really nice, no doubts about that one. (Where, did I ever suggest otherwise?)

      But this one incident, really had us all in splits(shirin+mommy, too) , so I felt, the world could use some good dose of laughter, (and perhaps, someone could identify with the story … ).

      So far so good.
      and my scull is most certainly intact.

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