Artist of the month : Mars Lasar

Today onwards, I’m starting of with a new category in my blog, “artist of the month”.

What is it?

As I live each day of my life, I feel some moments tend to become more joyous than others, and the impact sticks around for some time, before I get awestruck by something else which catches my fancy. Usually, they are creative people, who envision something beautiful, and then they go a step further and manage to share it with the rest of the world.

To imagine something beautiful, and then managing to share it with the rest of the world is what leaves me dumbfounded.

Without further distractions, and digressions, let me point out the artist that makes me go “weak in my knees” :). I got to hear the music from The, composer : Mark Lasar. Although I had not heard of the composer earlier, The album in particular struck a really powerful chord with me.

The music was thoroughly “relaxed” feel to it. Like someone, who’s not going anywhere, but is happy being where he/she is. Just let it play in as ambient sounds in my room. It really eases me out. Although labeled as Techno / New Age, the music has a lot of instruments, like a tasteful jazz piece.

I have only heard one of the albums here … “Karma”. Do give it a try. Let me know if anyone finds it interesting.

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