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Have you ever felt the urge to punch your Computer screen so hard that your hand pops out from across it (as shown in some cartoons).  I would usually not advocate violence to relieve the agony, but I make an exception here.

Well, it was a regular day at work. (Actually far from it ) Most offices had a day off, but my employer decided not to give us commoners the option. So, I suppose that is the point frustration started to build up for me. I had decided, that I’d leave office sooner than usual, and chill out at home, or catch a movie or have a game.

Work it seems, has a mind of its own. Throw computer into the mixture, and you have a heady mix. What was I even thinking? I was checking out the tasks assigned to me for the day, and thought to myself, I’ll cover them in 4 hours, and then I could check out the latest sites and just while away the time.

Now people familiar with Murphy’s laws would agree unanimously, that the “real” problem I ran into would be right at the end. Smirk away all you want … you mean devil.

It turned out to be a smooth sailing . Till lunch, I had all but one bug squashed. And I said to myself, I’ll peek into thin one, after an hour of whiling during the lunch time. It’s jut one more to the many I had done since morning. So, I started at it.

Something about it made me feel uneasy. I’ll try to be more explicit : It felt like I had already done this once. Like bad “déjà vu”.

Anyways, I double checked. My program was not working as expected. So I saw the history of what people had done to it, (for technical people :  I checked the SVN log). I had made it in the past, but it seems somewhere down the line, things had been muddled with, but not by me. Now, since there had been some design changes, I could not simply revert back to the old file. I decided to rewrite it , instead of wasting my time merging and testing.

so I rewrote a part of it, and gave it a customary twirl, when it was still a half baked cake. It seemed to be nicely on track.

But the uneasy feeling would just not go away.

Well, the previous blooper I described, was only the tip of what I was about to unearth :).

Browsing around for some information, I hit another file in my program’s source code, that gave me the goosebumps. It was much the same code I had rewritten (what a waste!). And I decided to check that.

I was convinced, that my day was jinxed, so I (very unhurriedly) decided to drop what ever I had written since lunch (around 2 hours of solid coding effort), and reuse whatever was available.

Morally, I had received an upper jab, and how was I to know that knock out punch was just around the corner. (Yep, there is more).

Well, so I had to do what I started. Now, I started working with some speed as well as efficiency. But speed is not necessary your best friend when you’re up for a programming job (speed does kill).

Well, the other file did not have a particular transaction with the database, so I wrote that with the rest of the code. When I ran it, however because of a misplaced bracket, my part of the program totally modified all the values in the database. I was floored. I decided, that maybe, I should just leave it.

Baaah… I give up 🙁

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